for the world's more full of weeping

than you can understand


and some of them spoke, that day
The basics?

I’m a 24-year-old philosophy B.A. and first year law student. I’m an existentialist, a feminist, a linguist, a post-modernist, and an absurdly mystically inclined atheist, in that order. I’ve often been described as over-analytical, and I suppose it fits.

I distrust astrology, but I'm ridiculously Piscean all the same. I like stories. I like stories about stories, and dreams about dreams, and still think that tragedy is the highest form of art. I’m fascinated by legends and mythology, both modern and ancient, and the oral tradition that goes with it.
and some of them were silent

Though this is a personal journal, it's fairly light on personal content, except when it relates to other things. I am very political (left-wing) and fandom oriented. I rant, I rec, I theorize, and everything in between. Fic is at fading_echoes.

I often get ridiculously attached to characters, especially if they’re tragic, dark, or unusual in any way. I used to think that I just liked villains, but my favourite characters ever are, more often than not, tragic or Byronic heroes. The truth is that I simply dislike the rigid structure of the good vs. evil duality, and tend to gravitate towards those who’ve been dehumanized by it.

I like a wide variety of media, ranging from television to books and comics, and from manga/anime to games. I wander from fandom to fandom, sometimes without warning, though if I like a character, that never fully goes away.

I'm forever and always in love with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion.

And that, I suppose, is that.