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24 March 2009 @ 03:54 pm
Battlestar owns a share of my soul  

Battlestar, because you were brilliant and superb, and I shall miss you, though I hope that sci-fi as a genre will mutate into something wondrous under your influence.



Oh, where to start. I suppose… at the beginning. Of everything.


It sounds like such a terrible idea, when you think about it… humanity is almost completely wiped out, and yet so many people are willing to sacrifice themselves to save one child, saviour of the human and cylon races or not. And yet… it is so perfectly Battlestar. This is a series whose mission statement is, above all else, “it is simply enough to survive, or must we be worthy of it?” And they’ve addressed it again and again, for better or for worse, and now, at the end of things, one final time, because a humanity that is willing to risk so much for one single life is worth it. (Yes, indeed, I despise moralities that put the lives of several over the lives of few, reducing existence to a damn numbers game.) And so it needed to be their final mission.


I am so glad for his character that Baltar chose to join in on the suicide mission. So glad that despite everything, Lee respected him for it. It wasn’t absolution or anything close… wasn’t a complete character change, because in the very next scene he regretted it, and of course he would! But it was atonement all the same, and something the character really needed. And I suppose I’m okay with Caprica seemingly needing nothing more than that, because if pride was the only thing missing, then that was enough. And with angels in the background, drawing them together, I don’t think either would ever have the strength to refuse. Baltar coming full circle at the end – returning where he began, to the farm – was beautiful and horrifying, and I wonder how he’ll be able to cope with it, because that’s certainly not a happily ever after, even if he does truly love Six (and the way that makes his entire story tragic in a way that it wasn’t before, that he did everything for love instead of for greed… oh, Baltar.)


The opera house scene… magnificent. Hearing The Shape of Things to Come being played again, new and yet the same, was literally rapturous. I loved the distinction between the pristine beauty of the vision of what was to come and the absolute horror of the reality. I loved how absolutely infinitesimal this one act was… they weren’t taking Hera away or performing any function any of the others couldn’t have. And it’s not like the others didn’t come in afterwards anyway, so for the entire great plan of the angels to come down to this one simple moment, this one instant that seems hardly to be a turning point at all… that’s really kind of beautiful. It’s as if they were getting them to that single place, that one point at which all of the choices had to be made… and nothing more.


I loved Baltar’s speech. I loved that he – the worst of humanity and the unredeemed preacher of redemption – was the one to deliver it. At first I wasn’t sure about the lack of explanation concerning the angels, but now I think that it couldn’t have happened any other way. I’m so relieved that they went with a god who is beyond good and evil (oh, hey there, Nietzsche) rather than your typical omni-benevolent deity. There was no attempt at justifying all of the terrible things that these creatures have been doing… there’s no need, because they aren’t human, and thus can’t be understood. And yet… I don’t even think the show was necessarily trying to make a point about morality with this, because it’s still Baltar. It’s still the man for whom truth is that which paints him in the best light, and at this point, of course he needs a morality that is beyond good and evil.


Leap of Faith. Well, Leap to Faith, technically, if you want to get fully Kierkegaardian about it, but in the end, it’s the same thing. You either believe or you don’t, and there are no halfway points in between. Religion of this sort, in the end, has nothing to do with human (or cylon) ethics, because they are two different spheres entirely. I love that this speech was directed at Cavil, our resident atheist (practically nihilist, I suppose), and I am so glad that the compromise went sour, partly because it was intolerable that Tori could simply get off the hook completely with what she had done, and that needed to be addressed, and it would have been too easy a conclusion for a tragedy, for a story that has always hurt this badly.


I think that there’s something profound in Cavil’s suicide. I’m not sure what exactly, but I believe that it’s there. Or could be. Maybe it’s the absurdist atheist saying “enough” and choosing to end things on his own terms. I don’t know.


Kara finding a new earth was beautiful; I love how the song ties everything together and yet remains a mystery (and how it’s playing at the very end, yay for everything repeats itself). Now I want to watch Maelstrom again, because of head!Leoben’s “become what you are” comments. Actually, I kind of want to rewatch all of the Kara/Leoben scenes again, because now that we know everything we’re going to, the obsession and bizarre knowledge in the Leoben character strikes me even more. I wonder if her own guiding angel was the same thing that Baltar and Six’s were, and if perhaps she herself is as well. I liked the polyamory that was implied in the character… Kara/Sam is as canon as Kara/Lee, because she’s never been a one true love sort of person.


On earth itself… I had half been expecting them to never find a planet, but to finally reach one, one they hadn’t even been looking for at all, and to call it Earth even though it wasn’t… there’s something profound there, I think. Something beautiful, something sad, something that could be interpreted as a blessing or as the only way to respond to a horrific journey that has never made any sense. Perhaps it’s simply a way to say, “We make our own truth.” We needed Earth and so we’ll pretend we have it, and in the end, maybe that’s enough. Maybe that’s all there is.


And I liked the last 90 or so seconds, the affirmation that yes, everything does continue. Everything does return. You can break the cycle for an instant in time, but in the end, you are doomed to repeat, forever. And they’re still there, watching (and placing bets!), because maybe this is all there is for them as well.

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Missy: bsg | natalieever_obsessed on March 25th, 2009 06:13 am (UTC)
The hate I've read is aggravating me because it feels like they're missing all the points being made in that end - sure, you can interpret it as positive (head Six is "optimistic") but we still have dancing robots contrasted to some poor human bum and, you know, that's sort of the point and if it hadn't end with that, I would have been disappointed. The shippers are bitching they didn't get their happy ending (WTF, WHO REALLY THOUGHT THEY WOULD GET THAT KIND OF ENDING, REALLY?!) and others are all, omg, what a gyp and I'm like, HAI, HAI, WAIT, AWESOME!


And I have even more reason than ever to love DS because apparently he totally came in all, 'he needs to just blow his head off, Ron, that's it, that's what he'd do' and, yes, Dean, yes, that's it, exactly - Cavil isn't an idiot, he sees the writing on the wall and he's not someone who's going to have a long montage about how his faith will see him through to tomorrow and he responded the only way I would WANT a One to respond, by taking control and taking himself out and telling the universe to fuck itself because this is something he still controls and nobody can take that from him.

Rock the fuck on, my fucked-up twisted little One, rock the fuck on.

In regards to those last... ninety seconds, I... may love it more than humanly possible.

Just, on so many levels, dammit, show, dammit, you blew me the fuck away.

That's the point.

Some things can be changed, we can make speeches and sometimes be better but these things don't just... stop, they don't just end.

I liked the polyamory that was implied in the character… Kara/Sam is as canon as Kara/Lee, because she’s never been a one true love sort of person.
I thought I was the only who came away with this feeling, :D


And I like the idea of Kara as a Christ figure instead of just an angel but then I blame the fact that we totally closed on the death of the old queen and the rise of the new after Kara is the one to take them 'home' so to speak. She suffered for sins that weren't her own, died, came back and left again, done.



I'm still on the her father was somehow a long lost Daniel (Ron said Daniel was just a throwaway comment but, eh, he's lied before and they sure did mention him a lot for a 'throwaway' character) bandwagon but her story was done well enough that I don't need long drawn-out explanations.

ovirginsaint: Caprica and Baltarovirginsaint on March 25th, 2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
Somehow your BSG post got made twice. XD

But anyway, you've said everything that I've been mulling over about the ending. Baltar had, all this time, doing what he was doing for Caprica, even if they weren't fully reunited until the end. I don't think he really realized it until he saw her in the crowd that was going. Not until after she'd rejected him, not until Lee told him to pull his head out of his ass. took everyone long enough XD

For Baltar coming full circle was a bit painful, and I did tear up when he started crying into his hand. I'd like to think that he wasn't lamenting his fate, and rather regretting profoundly how badly he'd treated his father. And that Caprica had done for his father what he would not.

I'm glad that the destroyers of man were given a second chance together, to live out their lives peacefully.

As for Kara and Lee, I will admit, I was very sad for him, but someone put it in a way that makes a surprising amount of sense. Kara had always been able to let go of Lee, and that was established from the beginning, when she thought he'd died in the miniseries. She didn't cry for him. Lee wasn't in a place where he was ready to let her go in Maelstrom. He was calling her back because he wasn't done, even though she was. In Daybreak pt 2, he's reached that place where he could let her go. Knowing that she's happy elsewhere is enough (though I privately think that she would come from time to time and check on him). She'll be there when he's ready to leave the life he's got now. She'll be waiting for him.

I want to believe that Lee saw his father again before Adama died, because just going off alone doesn't seem right. They weren't ever very close knit... but still. Family is family. Would've liked to see the goodbye between Adama and the Tighs too. They've been friends too long for them to not have one. I was kind of surprised that it wasn't shown.

And now I've cried again, because like Lee in Maelstrom, I'm not ready to let it go.

I wish it wasn't moving season, I'd love to go bum around DC with you XD Also, finally got a Baltar and Caprica icon xD
(Deleted comment)
ovirginsaint: ZOMG!ovirginsaint on March 26th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
I bawled for Adama losing Laura. I bawled when they panned out as he was talking. Godsdamn, Eddie Olmos is a good actor.

I'll say it, I've been a shipper for Lee and Kara from the beginning, even though it wouldn't have been a great relationship. They are too much alike, and there *would* be domestic violence. Not enough control over themselves in the first two seasons. Perhaps it was due to some of the gender lines being so blurred, but it never came as a shock when Lee would retaliate and hit her back after she'd slugged him in the face. But then again, with them maybe that was the point. Regardless of that, there was something volatile there, something raw and primal between them that begged for them to get around the barriers that had always been in place--Zack. Sam. Dee.---so that explosion could occur. Kara was always afraid of getting what she truly wanted, and maybe that made it easier for her to let it go, because she never really had it and held it in her hands. Sam felt too much like settling, regardless of whether or not that he'd proved himself worthy of her.

But I could go on and on about that XD I'm glad that my most favorite pairing worked out, and I hope that Baltar gave Caprica lots of babies and didn't lose his flagging sanity in the process. :3
Rhaella: Kara (and Seven?) - BSGrhaella on May 3rd, 2009 04:24 pm (UTC)
My god. I think I killed this thread entirely. O_o Only meant to fix my post because I didn't want this flocked anymore. Oh well. XD

So this is... what you were replying to. And I think what I was replying to got inexplicably vaporized as well.


It did? XD That is incredibly bizarre. *fixes*

I kind of felt that Baltar crying into his hand might not have been entirely him being depressed about his fate as much as, perhaps, recognizing the absurdity of it all. Which is kind of close, I suppose, but it just felt like a little bit more. It did make me take back my "I hope Baltar dies" original statement, though.

Yes on Kara and Lee, though. This episode almost made me ship it, I think.

Baltar/Six icon is love. I need more. :D
falathrimfalathrim on March 31st, 2009 03:42 am (UTC)
Wow, you managed to perfectly summarize why I loved the finale so much.

I'm actually struggling to think of something to add to this that would make me seem like I'm old enough to join the Big Kid's Discussion for once.
(Deleted comment)
falathrimfalathrim on April 4th, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
Mmmmmmm. Baltar drilling.